Since entering the bail bond business in 1982, Gene Butler has been involved in making the bail bond industry better by serving on the board of directors for the Professional Bail Agents of the United States, the industry’s national association, as well as serving on many committees including the legislative committee and served as the Chairperson for the first Education Committee and was instrumental in “revamping” the Certified Bail Agent program, the industry’s only recognized professional designation. Gene is currently Life Member #10 of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States. Gene was also one of the founders of the Michigan Professional Bail Agent’s Association and served as that association’s first President.

Gene, along with his son, Justin, have been dedicated to keeping a watchful eye on pretrial release and bail bond related legislation and practices throughout the State of Michigan with the intent of making sure that the right to surety bail and reasonable bail are preserved while, at the same time, a certain level of professionalism and integrity are guaranteed for the public. In addition, Gene Butler has the belief that the survival of the right to surety bail can best be guaranteed by assuring that it accomplishes the objectives that were originally intended; that it is a cost efficient method for the public to obtain the release of their loved ones from incarceration to allow them to prepare an adequate defense, yet at the same time, providing the general public and the courts with the security of knowing that when a defendant is released on surety bail, they will appear for all future court hearings.

Assuring the defendant will appear at all future court hearings is usually accomplished by the use of proper underwriting techniques. Generally, a defendant will voluntarily go to all future court hearings to avoid having family and friends bear the financial consequences of a failure to appear. Should that not be enough motivation, the judicious use of properly trained Fugitive Recovery Specialists to locate, apprehend, and transport the errant defendant fugitive to the court of jurisdiction, working in tandem with law enforcement agencies throughout the country, thereby minimizing the cost to the court and the public for the defendant’s failure to appear by shifting it to the surety through a financial guarantee of the defendant’s family and friends who have indemnified the surety bond.

Bail My Tail concentrates on utilization of today’s technology to properly underwrite bail bond risks, thereby allowing the best service possible to those incarcerated, while maintaining an acceptable risk tolerance level. This careful risk selection maximizes the security of the agency and its insurance companies while allowing Bail My Tail to extend more favorable terms to those who qualify. Bail My Tail feels that protection of the right to bail can best be done by making sure that defendants return to court as scheduled and that Bail My Tail is not simply a means of escape for those who do not want to go to court and feel this can be accomplished by paying money. Our job is not to determine guilt or innocence, rather to make sure that all those who are released by Bail My Tail complete their case by appearing in court as required.

Our telephones are answered by trained caring, friendly, bail bond underwriters who understand how important it is to help the family and friends of our potential clients understand how the bail bond process works and how it is an integral part of the criminal justice system. Our underwriters know how imperative it is to move quickly to secure the release of the family member or friend to allow our client to return to work to both save their job and to earn money for their family and to pay for their attorney. This will enable them to provide the best defense possible. A vigorous defense can only be put together if an accused is not incarcerated and is free to work with their defense attorney and criminal defense Private Investigator.

We have trained underwriters answering our telephones so that our agents can spend their time at the jails and courts where they are needed securing the release of our clients.
Bail Bond Agents with Bail My Tail Bail Bond Agency, LLC are given a “mentally rigorous” training program before being given authority to post bail bonds. This comprehensive training program covers such diverse items as the history of bail through the court system as well as complex subjects such as underwriting. The feeling at Bail My Tail is that a professional Bail Bond Agent needs to know more than just how to post a bond. They need to know about the legal system they are working in and how they impact that system. In addition, the professional bail bond producer needs to know, not only the statutory laws that govern the profession, but the case law (common law) as well.  Bail My Tail feels that this type of training best prepares their Bail Bond Agents to be able to successfully solve the multitude of problems that can arise when posting bail bonds in today’s criminal justice system. Bail My Tail Bail Bond Agency wants to assure their clients that they receive the most professional, knowledgeable, honest, and efficient service available in today’s bail bond industry and that they receive that service with the utmost integrity.

In addition to owning and managing Bail My Tail Bail Bond Agency, LLC, Gene Butler is licensed as a Private Investigator in Michigan and is the owner and manager of Bail Bond Fugitive Recovery Academy, LC (BBFRA). BBFRA’s purpose is to provide seminars and workshops to qualified individuals who want to become Bail Bond Fugitive Recovery Agents. He has a strong belief that Bail Bond Fugitive Recovery Agents must be free of criminal convictions and illicit drugs as well as show sound judgment in their financial decisions and must stay abreast of the ever changing industry of Bail Bonds as well as pertinent law enforcement issues and training.  He has received Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Tactical Firearms training through American Shooters of Las Vegas, “Phase One Combat Shooting Methods” with Louis M. Chiodo from Gunfighters Ltd. of San Diego, Force-On-Force Training and Tactical Mechanics of Concealed Carry through Live Safe Academy with Officer Brian Bastianelli, instructor for Wayne County Regional Police Academy, and Advanced “Reality Based” Training with Detective Joseph Ferrera of Southfield, (Michigan) Police Department. In addition, he has attended numerous training seminars and workshops regarding issues such as, Uniform Criminal Extradition Act in both bail and non-bail situations, Use of Computer Resources in Locating Missing Persons and Fugitives, Ethics, and Self Defense Techniques to name a few. He has received training in K-9 assistance in clearing buildings, and locating and apprehending fleeing subjects from K-9 Officer Tom Case (Retired), Port Huron (Michigan) Police Department. He was a guest of the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents to audit their Training Course and to audit executive protection classes at Executive Security International (EIS) Aspen, Colorado.

During his career, he has made many hundreds of arrests without serious injury to any subject or bystander. In locating and apprehending fugitives he has worked with numerous local law enforcement agencies, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The United States Marshall Service, The Department of State, the Department of Corrections, and many, many Sheriff’s Departments, and State Police Agencies.

Today Bail My Tail is part of a nationwide network of professional bail bond agents through American Surety Company.