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A State-wide Bail Bonds Agency with Administrative Offices in Michigan is Looking for Individuals to Appoint as Productive, Successful, Bail Bond Agents!

Licensing Assistance, Training, Advertising, and Office Support are Provided!

Thinking about starting or advancing your career in the criminal justice system?  Think outside the “box”!  Bail My Tail Bond Agency, headquartered in Flint, Michigan, is consistently helping people solve problems.

The Bail My Tail Bond Agency administrative office is the support and underwriting “nerve” center for our bail agents and clients through the states where we conduct business.  We provide the vital services needed to rapidly underwrite and assign bail bonds to the local bail agency to various states as well as provide backup underwriting when local agents are in jails and courts and are unable to answer their incoming new business phone calls.  In addition, we provide valuable training to new bail agents, whether new to the industry or new to Bail My Tail Bond Agency, prior to their beginning a new career path with Bail My Tail Bond Agency in their home areas.  We also conduct periodic intermediate and advance training as the agent’s career continues to grow.

Under our parent company, National Bonding Corporation, Bail My Tail Bond Agency is one of a number of bail agencies operated under the “Bail My Tail Bond Agency” trade name.  Together we share agency cultural values working together for the common good of the clients, administrative and underwriting staff, field bail bond agents, agency, and surely insurance company.

Bail My Tail Bond Agency is a place to future and grow you career because we offer you challenging and rewarding career paths full of advancement opportunities.  Our continuous growth demands the talents of the best and the brightest and our culture is specifically designed to recognize that talent and to provide the training and the means that will allow you to take full advantage of every possible opportunity within our family of agencies.  Your career can take you in many directions–a straight path in one track or movement into other areas such as Underwriting, Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, Field Agent, Recovery Specialist, Agent Recruiting, or Agent Training.

We believe in putting the client first while protecting the stability of the agency and our surety insurance company through studying our client’s need, how they think and feel, what motivated them and how they interact with our agents, agency staff and the judicial system to which we are obligated.  Insights that enable us to provide the unique and differentiated services that are relevant to our client’s lives and establish a meaningful connection to our agency.

You will take on significant responsibility, mange multiple tasks and initiatives while gaining a strong sense of autonomy.  You will have the ability to move quickly because that is the nature of our business.  You will know senior management because they will know you.  You will have exposure to our multi-state business on a daily basis.  You will be given the opportunity to learn an grow into management.

Do you thrive in a fast paced, dynamic environment?  We do!  In face, the very nature of our business requires a flexible, entrepreneurial approach where, you can “pull the trigger” to make a decisions that are meaningful.  We are highly passionate leaders in the industry who develop and execute a banding strategy for our agency.  We embrace a team-forward mentality, encouraging both personal and professional growth in a positive, supportive, environment.  At Bail My Tail Bond Agency you will get to make a difference and you will be encouraged and driven to show us what you can do!  Show us what you are made of and be part of the team that drives the agency to higher levels of success!

A Bail My Tail Bond Agency we go beyond just finding and retaining talent – we inspire talent.  WE bring people together for success personal, professional, and agency.

We believe in all people.  In fact, we actively seek and nurture talent of all kinds.  We find strength in our differences and challenge everyone to learn then rethink and offer ideas to help make us better and to better serve our clients.  We want to do the impossible and we want people who can imagine the impossible – then help us make it a reality!  It’s all about preparing people for success and giving them the room to grow to their full capability.  We want people who are courageous and will lead they way to newer heights.

It’s not just who you are today – it’s about who you will be tomorrow.  Explore your potential!  Be curious and dedicate yourself to becoming a life-long learner and teacher here at Bail My Tail Bond Agency.

With regular staff training as well as agent training seminars and workshops you’ll have all the tools you need to help guide you and your co-workers, your team, toward success.

Want to make a difference?  Now’s your chance to generate excitement and enthusiasm – at all levels of the organization.  Our culture is infectious!  “Success Together” is the way of life at Bail my Tail Bond Agency!  From training supervisors how to train their teams, to helping Team Members seize the day with new opportunities – our goal is to get Team Members emotionally connected and enthused.  Because when Team Members are truly enfaced going for success is easy.  So, be energetic, be enthusiastic, be successful!

Hiring, retention, training.  Those are the basics of Human Resources, but when you really think about it, HR is the business of bringing talent together and driving organizational effectiveness and efficiency.  It’s all about impact – your impact!  Our organizational effectiveness is driven by a deep knowledge of our business, personal credibility and strategic contribution.  We are business partners, of sorts, who know what it takes to go further – allowing us to stretch our capabilities and create new success. So, initiate change, be influential!

In today’s fast changing economic climate it is imperative to constantly be exploring not only marketing, but the criminal system as a whole to make sure that we are staying abreast of changes and modifying our services to best help and suit our clients.  We must always be exploring better, more effective and efficient methods of marketing our services to those in need.  Our ultimate goal is to provide quality service that surpasses our client’s expectations while maintaining our integrity with our clients, our surety insurance companies, and the criminal justice system.

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